Nutrition Plans

Focus Athletics offers a wide variety of nutritional plans to meet your dietary needs and your fitness goals. Pair one of these nutritional plans with our fitness regime and achieve the results you are striving for. Sign up below and receive a free initial phone consultation with our nutritionist to pair you with the plan that is best for you.


Prefer to eat in such a way that animal and animal by-products are not a factor? We have the perfect nutrition plan for you.


Being gluten intolerant ourselves, we have an arsenal of recipes and ways to get you healthy without gluten being an ingredient.


Wanting to lose weight or eat without carbs being a big part of it? We’ve got a great plan for you.


We offer unique nutrition plans catered to those that would like to keep dairy out of their diet.


Focus Athletic owners Daniel and Taylor are huge fans of keeping your sugar levels down. Try our low sugar nutrition plans catered to keeping sugar at a minimum.


Want to have plenty to eat without having meat in your diet? We have excellent vegetarian plans that you’ll love.


Want to bulk up and get that muscle tone you have been craving? Try one of our bulk-it-up nutrition plans to reach your goal!


Want to fit into that perfect gown for your big day? Our Bride Body plan will help you get there.

How It Works

Upon signing up for your specific nutrition plan, you will be e-mailed a client handout/information sheet that you will need to fill out and send back via e-mail. As soon as we receive paperwork, you will be contacted via phone for a FREE initial consultation so our nutritionist can get a better idea of your needs and goals. Following the phone consultation and once payment has been received, your Nutrition Plan will be e-mailed to you within 5 business days.


30 Day Plan:


60 Day Plan:


90 Day Plan:


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