Strength training is a form of training where you focus on progressing the amount of weight you lift. In the video, we show an example of exercises similar to what you would do if you choose to focus on this type of training in your workouts with your trainer.


Sports-specific training is working on exercises to help you in your sport or activity. This type of training is a lot of core, stability and strengthening to specific muscle groups, so that when coming together with the rest of your body, you can improve your overall performance. In this video we show a couple of such exercises.


Many people suffer from injuries; therefore, we provide rehabilitation training for those with a desire to strengthen, heal and recover. Many overcompensate with other muscle groups when injured. Our goal is to help re-teach your body how to work in unison. In this video we show exercises for those with rotator cuff problems, postural deficiencies, as well as hip and ankle issues.


For those that desire to strengthen their cardiovascular system, break plateaus, increase lung capacity and endurance, and advance overall fitness performance, we offer endurance, HIIT and interval types of training. We recommend incorporating these types of training in anyone’s workouts no matter who you are. In this video we show a few different exercises as an example for each category of training.


Joint and flexibility training is often one of the most overlooked areas of training. You cannot workout to the best of your ability or be your healthiest self without proper stretching and muscle recovery. A longer muscle is a stronger muscle, and here at Focus Athletics, we incorporate stretching, trigger point, foam rolling and sports massage in our clients’ workouts to make sure they do not get injured, and their muscles recover faster. In this video you will see a couple foam rolling exercises to loosen tight muscle groups.


Your core connects your upper and lower body; therefore, it is incredibly important to incorporate core stability training for all clients. Functional training is learning to be aware of your body and how it moves from any age — young, athlete or the elderly. In this video we show a couple of exercises that use core, stability and functional training.



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